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  1. PUISI 115 VAC DEF Pump with Tote Hanger from Vulcan Companies, Minnesota.

    PUISI 115 VAC DEF Pump with Tote Hanger

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    This simple system is designed to draw from the bottom of the Tote tank, therefore eliminating air pockets which cause DEF crystallization. A separate air vent is required to ... Learn More
  2. GPI 12V Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Pump from Vulcan Companies, MN.

    GPI 12V DEF Pump

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    This 12 volt pump has a lightweight plastic housing and convenient carrying handle making it portable and easy to use. Use with thin fluids. P-120H pumps up to 12 GPM.(45LPM).... Learn More
  3. GPI 115V Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Utility Pump from Vulcan Companies, Minnesota.

    GPI 115V DEF Utility Pump

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    115-volt AC Plastic Gear Pump for thin fluids. Flow range up to 12 GPM (45 LPM). Includes grounded, three-prong power connector pigtail and tank bung adapter. 2 inch NPT union... Learn More
  4. GPI DEF Lever Hand Pump from Vulcan Companies, Minnesota.

    GPI DEF Lever Hand Pump

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    The LP-50 is designed to fit tanks or 55-gallon barrels with 2 inch NPT threads. The unique linkage and shaft design of the LP-50 ensures a smooth and easy stroke. This design... Learn More

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