Dripstop® 940 from Vulcan Companies Minneapolis, MN.
  • Dripstop® 940 from Vulcan Companies Minneapolis, MN.

Dripstop® 940

Description: Dripstop® 940 is a high-speed thread sealant for use on inactive metals such as stainless steel and monel used in chemical process piping. Normally, inactive materials like stainless would require a primer to assure predictable cure. 940 is formulated to cure without the necessity of a primer, but, priming does reduce cure time. The enhanced chemistry of Dripstop® 940 delivers super fast cure speeds on conventional materials, like carbon steel, brass, etc. Dripstop® 940 withstands high pressures, sealing up to 250psig steam at 400°F (204°C) continuous service while maintaining its chemical inertness

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Item Number: PAS4005
Manufacturer: N/A
Specifications & Features:

  • High Performance
  • Stainless Steel Sealing
  • Teflon® Filled
  • Temperatures to 400°F

Shipping Weight: 0.3 lbs

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